Field Trip: Wilhelm-Pieck-Stadt Guben

Earlier this year, I was able to travel to the German-Polish border region southeast of Berlin to the town of Guben. In GDR times, Guben was an important centre for textile production and known as “Wilhelm-Pieck-Stadt Guben”, an honorific paying tribute to the GDR’s first, and only, president who was born there. These days, the town is perhaps best known, if at all, as one of Germany’s “oldest” municipalities, a result of the collapse of the region’s industry and relocation of many from its younger generations. Not surprisingly, perhaps, there is a still considerable GDR-era imprint on the town and that’s what I went to find on this field trip.

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  1. Tim Dutcher-Walls said:

    Thank you, John Paul. Am glad GDR art, architecture and culture is still around to appreciate. Much to be said for it, despite the political repression. In this regard, thanks for your suggestion to stroll down Karl Marx Allee in Berlin when I was there this June. Wow, lots there to take in, including the wonderful mosaic off Alexanderplatz, “Unser Leben”, and . . . Cafe Sibylle! Thanks for these years of interesting and important research! Tim

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