1. fascinating! I wonder if you are able to add a list of the artworks you showed? Thanks v much

    • Thanks for taking the time to watch! I’ll endeavour to put such a list together, but it may take a few weeks.

    • Here you go:

      1) Ceramic tile mural by Thomas Grzimek, 1982, installed on Brunnecafe, Karl-Marx-Strasse
      2) Sculpture, “Siblings”, Liz Mieds-Kratchowil, 1987, Karl-Marx-Strasse
      3) Fountain, “Life”, Christian Schulze, 1987, Karl-Marx-Strasse
      4) “Folk Dance”, Fritz Eisel, 1960, corner of Carl-Philipp-Emanuel-Bach-Straße/Große Oderstraße
      5) Water fountain, Ernst Roehl, 1988, Grosse Scharnstrasse
      6) Partition walls, Gertraude Pohl, 1980, behind Grosse Scharnstrasse
      7) Wall installation, “Technical and Structural Shapes”, Michael Vohl, 1987, Grosse Scharnstrasse
      8) Seating arrangement, Gerhard Bondzin, Grosse Scharnstrasse, 1988
      9) Bronze medallion, “The Social Events of the Present Day”, Herdeger Fehlhaber, 1988, Grosse Scharnstrasse
      10) Aluminum facades, “History of Frankfurt / Oder”, Dora Kleemann, 1988, Kleine Oderstraße 4
      11) Mural, „Boulevard Passers-By“, Harald Schulze, 1988, Grosse Scharnstrasse
      12) Glass wall mural, “The Friendship of the People’s of the World, Eberhard Hückstädt, 1978, Viadrina Universität, Logenstrasse 4
      13) Murals „Agriculture“ and „Industry“, Rudolf Grunemann, 1955, former cinema, Heilbronner Strasse (near Lindenstrasse)
      14) Sculptures, „Agricultural Worker“ and „Steel Worker“, Edmund Neutert, 1955, former cinema, Heilbronner Strasse (near Lindenstrasse)
      15) Ceramic wall installation, Rudolph Grunemann, 1960, Heilbronner Strasse (near corner of Lindenstrasse, 2nd or 3rd floor mezzanine of medical services building)
      16) Ceramic mural, “Fox in the Vineyard”, Werner Voigt, 1969, Weinbergweg/Traubenweg
      17) Bronze murals, “Trip to the Soviet Union”, Axel and Carola Schulz, 1985, Juri-Gagarin-Ring
      18) Mural, “Hans Beimler Competiton”, Hedeger Fehlhaber, 1983, Neuberesinchen

      • Wonderful – thank you so much!

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