Field Trip: Neues Deutschland (Berlin/Friedrichshain)


In May 2019, The GDR Objectified ventured to Berlin’s Friedrichshain district to seek out the building housing Neues Deutschland (New Germany), a left-wing daily newspaper founded as the official organ of the GDR’s ruling Socialist Unity Party (SED). Join us as we seek out remnants of the East German past on site and explore the paper’s history.

  1. Cyndi Cunanan said:

    That was really interesting. Germany seems to be in a constant state of being ashamed of itself, either by being too right (yes yes I know that’s vastly understating the Holocaust), or too left (once again, I know, I know). I really think that most German people now want to figure out something down the middle and try to come up with some way of moving forward, but how many generations will that take?
    And PS, I’m a visual person so I really enjoy the videos!

  2. Glad you found this interesting. You’re right that Germans are fumbling about to find a sort of new middle way forward for their economy, society and political system (like most of us in the Western world) and I think that the reactions to the comments of the leader of the Young Socialists reflect an acute level of anxiety. Anything (or anyone) calling the status quo into question seems to provoke either extreme responses or none at all from those who would like to see things continue largely as they have been going. That said, there is nothing approaching a consensus as to what the way forward should be. The resurgent far-right has one set of solutions (stick with old economy, foreigners out, borders up) while the more mainstream parties try and figure out how much change is possible/sale-able, etc.

    The arrest yesterday of a known Neo-Nazi in the murder of a regional government leader affiliated with Chancellor Merkel’s CDU Party several weeks ago has raised the specter of political violence in a country with a long history of this. The purpose of this killing was clearly to intimidate those who represent a tolerant, open Germany (as the victim had done quite forcefully) into holding their tongues. It is frightening to see the ghosts of the past rise again. More here:

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