Field Trip: Halle an der Saale, Pt. I

Join GDR Objectified for this Field Trip to Halle an der Saale where we look for remnants of East Germany in the cityscape. In this the first of two parts, we’ll explore the city centre before heading out to the town’s western end to begin exploring Neustadt, the GDR’s fourth “socialist city”.


  1. Sehr interessant John Paul. Danke! Historisch . . . Pietismus, nicht wahr? Im zwanzigsten Jahrhundert nach Krieg, ein andere Pietismus.

  2. Jim Cooper said:

    I have a flickr series on Halle an der Saale as well!

    Halle (Saale), digital clock at dusk, March 1984
    Faeuste monument, Halle Riebeckplatz (3) Apr 1998
    Halle Geiststrasse (1) March 1984

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